Ride C-6 2022 Snowboard Binding

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The 2022 Ride C-6 Snowboard binding is the perfect all-mountain binding to give a high-performance response from an aluminium heel cup but the damp feel of a composite baseplate. The C-Series chassis is made of an aluminium heel cup, giving you a heelside response for carving, with the damp and responsive feel of a glass-filled nylon base plate. Complete with a two-piece ankle strap that provides perfect comfort by contouring directly to your boots to give an increased response without added weight. Absolutely loving every condition you can put it under, the C-6 will not let you down.

Flex: 6/10 - Mid

Board Compatibility:

Compatible with all 2x4 and channel system boards.

Base Plate: C-Series Performance Chassis

Pairing an aluminum heel cup and nylon polycomposite baseplate you get the response needed for an aggressive heel-to-toe response from the aluminum and a damp comfortable ride from the baseplate.

High Back: Nylon Blend

Getting a balance between response and comfort.

Buckles: Linkage Ratchet

Made to give you a smoother experience, while improving ladder durability.

Straps: Two-Piece Ankle Strap + Minimalist Toe Strap

This strap made of a dual, two-piece material provides the perfect fit on your boot with added comfort and durability without added weight.

Cushioning: Wedgie Canted Footbed

This ultra-light footbed uses subtle angles to realign the knees and ankles for a more natural stance, resulting in less joint stress and fatigue.

Medium - Mens US 6.0-10.0

Large - Mens US 10.5+

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