Ski and Snowboard Repairs and Tuning in Jindabyne and Erina

Look after your gear and it will look after you! A well serviced board or set of skis will keep you gliding faster and carving sharper all season... and beyond!

Tuning your Ski’s/Snowboard involves three steps:

1. Base repair

2. Edge work

3. Waxing


When should I be getting my board or skis serviced?
As a rule of thumb, get your gear serviced before your trip. There's nothing worse than trying to keep up with the kids when you've still got last year's wax on your stick.
Down on the snow for the season, or got a few trips booked? (you lucky devil!) Then read on...
  • First, look at the base of your Ski’s or Snowboard, if there are holes or gouges then these will need to be repaired by our qualified techs…
  • Next, check to see if your base is looking dry. It'll feel a bit rough to the touch. Worry not if this is the case - our workshop masters will get your base as good as new and sliding faster than all your friends'. It's a good idea to wax your board every few days if you're riding regularly.
  • Then check your  edges, run your finger along it but be careful , check for burrs and rust. Icy Aussie conditions call for nice sharp edges, so if yours are feeling blunt then drop your gear in with us
  • All done for the season? Hope you had an epic one! It's a good idea to have a storage wax chucked on your base to keep it fresh over the off season. This makes sure it's fresh as a daisy come next Winter.


Sounds like your gear needs a pamper? Here are the treatments on offer from our Qualified Ski and Snowboard Technicians:


Hand Iron Hot Wax - $25

All the old wax and grime will be scraped off and a fresh new layer hand melted on. Our Workshop scientists make sure that your fresh wax will be best suited to the current snow and weather conditions.



A Detailed Edge Finish & Hand Iron Hot Wax - $65

Your ski and snowboard edges will be carefully filed to remove any burrs or rust. The edges will then be filed to fit your exact riding style - nice and sharp for that perfect ice bite or cruisy and detuned for a catch-free ride through the park. All this will be finished off with a hand wax to make sure your base is the fastest on the hill


Full service (stone finish) - $80

The ultimate honeymoon package for your skis or snowboard. A stone base grind takes your board back to basics and any dings or core shots are repaired with P-Tex. Any rust or burrs on your edges are filed away and your rails are tuned to perfection. This is followed by a hand-ironed hot wax to make sure your gear is the fastest on the hill. Champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries are extra.


Base filling P-Tex - extra $20

Had that sick feeling in your stomach after hitting a rock under the snow and hearing it chew into your beautiful base? Don't even bother turning it over to assess the damage. Drop it in with us and we'll fix it good as new.

Only available with an Edge & Wax or Full Service.


Ski Binding Mount - $100

Picked up the freshest skis and desperate to test them out? Drop your skis and bindings in to us and we'll get them mounted while you finish watching all the latest edits in anticipation for the snow to arrive


Please phone through to our stores for more information or just drop your gear off with us.


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