The ESS Bootfit Guarantee

We give the ESS 100% Bootfit Guarantee when you're fitted by our excellent team who are leading industry professionals in the Australian snow sports industry with the addition of custom foot beds. 

Boots - in our opinion - should always be the first piece in your snow kit no matter if you're Skiing or Snowboarding.

We believe that a good fitting pair of boots will not only make a difference in your riding, but also ensures the comfort of your feet during a whole day on the slopes.

With our senior fitters spending back to back seasons conquering the art of boot-fitting, they then pass on their knowledge to the new members of our team. Our staff also complete the Masterfit course - run by our own Joe Stanco, making our crew the best in the business.

Our team is a carefully selected group of individuals who are passionate about the snow and being in the mountains. So when you come in-store, you know you're in good hands.

 Remember, boots choose the rider.
The rider doesn't choose the boots.

  Your boots control the response to your snowboard or skis, and come in a various fits and stiffness ratings. Snowboard boots also come in various lace-up styles, there's single boa, double boa, OG laces and speedzone.
The choice can get a bit overwhelming when you're in the market for new boots.
While a boot may be a great bargin, look really cool or be your favourite pro riders model, they may give you more grief than the price you paid.
We spend a lot of time each year selecting the right boots to have on our shelves, and make sure we have a wide variety to fit every pair of feet that walk through our doors.

Bootfitting appointments can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We go through a process of measuring your feet, seeing your flex ability and then the fun part of putting boots on your feet!
The boot will need to be on your feet for atleast +10minutes, as this allows the boots to warm up and let you get a feel of what they would be like when you are out snowboarding.
The first boot could be perfect, or it could take a few more try ons and rocking back and forth. Once we've found the right boot, we can do some adjustments such as heat molding, drop-in insoles, custom foot beds and other modifications.
At the end of it, you'll be able to walk out with the pair of boots that choose you.

Bootfitting appointments

We take bootfitting bookings over the phone at both of our stores - we do take walk ins, although during our busy periods we recommend booking in an appointment to ensure we'll be ready to put you in the hot seat and find your fit!

Remember to bring a pair of

snowboard/ski socks

Allow some spare time

Bring your old boots if you have any

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