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The Radar Terrain waterski is the aptly named model designed to take on any adventure you have planned. With an open water profile and host of technology, the Terrain will allow you to ski effortlessly. The foundation of the Terrain is the wider profile of the ski combined with a shallower concave and a 1" centre flat spot, allowing the ski to be stable and sit flat when you want it, but edge effortlessly when you need it. To provide an easily engaged edge hold, the Terrain also features a grip rail 2.0 system, so you can lock in and hold an edge at almost any speed with comfort. The Terrain is then finished off with a classic touch from Radar, making use of their Machined PU All Terrain Core and carbon laminates; the Terrain still retains plenty of response while remaining forgiving


  • Broader Flat Spot – An increased flat spot from the tip of your front foot to the end of your back provides the ultimate stability; you'll never feel off-balance or uncomfortable on a ski. And if you find yourself sitting too far back on a cut, it will automatically pivot you back to centre.
  • Subtle Continuous Rocker – just enough rocker to give you all the confidence to cut for your life, complimenting the increased flat spot
  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 6/10
  • PU Core – The most well-known of cores to waterski’s, it is a durable, slightly softer material meaning you can ski for longer and not feel as tired while also getting more flex into turns and less rebound when crossing the wash.
  • Spread Toe Carbon – A traditional carbon laminate layer that is tried and proven adds a snappy element to your ski, driving response through your cut and turns
  • Straight Line Edge Profile - A straight edge from in front of the front foot through to the top of the rear for easy turn engagement
  • Wider Body Design - Stability under your feet, there's nothing worse than feeling like your finally getting technique down pat, so a wider profile will help to keep you up and confidence soaring
  • 0.5" Narrower - In comparison to the Session, the Terrain is reduced in width to provide a greater ability to get on edge and create more lean
  • 1" Flat Spot - A 1" channel in the centre of the ski allows for directed water flow, creating stability and ease to pivot into your leading edge
  • Shallower Concave - To reduce the amount of drag and allow the ski to sit flat and transition easily
  • Grip Rails 2.0 - Edging with ease, made to ensure you can get on edge and hold it once there, acting like a wakeboard rail you won't have to worry about the ski bucking you off
Other Features
  • Adjustable Fin
  • Tru-Line Boot and Fin Inserts
  • Riding Ability: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Ski Type: Free-Ski
  • Ski Speeds: 24-32Mph
  • (65″) – Up to 73Kgs
  • (67″) – 59-86Kgs
  • (69″) – 79-104Kgs
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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