Smik V4 Wing
Smik V4 Wing

Smik V4 Wing

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Following on from the extremely well received V3, we’ve managed to further surpass handling, control and speed with a combination of materials which helps the SMIK wing maintain its performance traits further into its lifespan.

V4 SMIK wings are further refining what were already the highest tension, ultra-responsive  wing on the market, but with tension combined with leech release, its wind range and control has been enhanced even further.

Discover a perfect equilibrium of power in both hands that remains stable as the wing gains momentum, resulting in superior control and an increased ability to drive upwind.

Each wing has a massive wind range in each size due to efficiencies in pumping up onto the foil and then control at the top end of their spectrums.


*please phone shop to confirm colours. 


With the use of the heavier grade (81grm-m2) Challenge code tec 95P fabric, not only does it’s shape hold better whilst overpowered, it also has a super responsive crisp feeling. The life span of this material is also FAR superior. With extensive testing over a West Australian summer the wing utilising this material although weathered, held its original shape from when it was first pulled out of the bag.

The coloured leading edge fabric is the traditional weight (54grm-m2) which allows the wing to breathe a little better in pumping up onto the foil and not feeling too rigid.

*Note to mention the bladder replacements for all of V3 can be counted on less than one hand.


Panel orientation and alignment of fibres in the body/canopy and at strut connection stress points combine to retain shape, in the moment under heavy strain and over time reducing stretching and becoming baggy.


What is lost in pure brut power from the V3 has been replacement with an efficiency in pumping which aids in getting up on the foil in marginal conditions for whatever size wing you’re on. Combined with the crisper feeling material, the time to initiate power as you pump is reduced, with a quicker in and out movement and engagement of power.

Top speed and pointing ability are also improved, so if you have the inclination to give racing a go, SMIK would also be a logical choice. Flatter profiler also reduces the angle of attack further improving upwind ability,of what was already a wing with awesome upwind capabilities.


Once up on foil, what’s noticeable is the lack of strain through the arms due to the efficiency of the flatter profile. Even in super marginal winds when just up onto the foil, the force through the arms is considerably less.

Being one of the first brands to figure out skin tension, SMIK has taken this further figuring out the combination of canopy tension combined with a looser leech tension. The paradox created is that of “tension that breathes”. This makes the rigid crip sensation, whilst also being super-efficient to pump up onto the foil.

When the wing loads up in strong winds, the drive then moves forward, locking the power to the front without creating back hand pressure. (when the leech is tight). Ultimately it’s a super balanced feeling between the hands throughout it’s wind range. (In fact, increasing it’s wind range.)

Handling when in neutral above the head in tacking and manoeuvres, is in fact exactly that. “Neutral”. The flatter profile makes for a lighter feeling above your head making all transitional moves easier.


Will again be able to be switched out from the rigid to the semi rigid handles. This time however in reverse. They will be supplied with the fully rigid carbon handles for control in their optimal wind range, with the option of after market purchase of the semi rigid handles for when the winds get nuclear, or super gusty. (Which is where rig control is then greatly enhanced)

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