Sims STF 2023 Snowboard

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The Sims STF Snowboard is an aggressive traditional camber board that blurs the line between all-mountain freestyle and big mountain freeride. It's stiff, charges at speed, and loves to soar through the air and rip down the fall line. Plus it's spring loaded, super easy to swing and pivot, and has a nearly symmetrical shape that's balanced and playful in the air. Ride it through powder, the park, and everywhere in between.

Rocker Type

Traditional Camber  A single convex arc between the board’s contact points ensures predictable edge hold, load, and rebound as pressure is exerted and expelled throughout the rider’s turn.


Long Nose Twin

Flexible Thin Tip  This weight-saving technology reduces material in the board’s tip and tail, resulting in lighter swing weight which makes it easier and faster to spin and rotate tricks.


Unitive Pop Core  Tip-to-tail light Poplar with wider bands of more rigid standard Poplar along the edges; this dual density design offers increased control and stability at speed.

Twin Wave Form Core Profile  In accordance with the position of the hole pattern and the camber, the thickness of the core surface is partially adjusted to create a unique flex, enhancing shock absorption and control.


Tri-Tex  Sims' most advanced matrix; a 3-way lay up that combines light fiberglass at 0º, 45º, and 90º degrees, ensuring unquestionable pop, rebound, flex, and torsion in their highest performance boards.

I-Carbon  A 50 mm carbon stringer provides lightweight rigidity to improve pop and power in all environments.


Premium Racing  Utilizing industry-leading technology from ISOSPORT, this high-density, high-speed base material is chosen for its molecular weight, which delivers unrivaled speed, excellent wear resistance, and increased wax permeability.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Insert Pattern

Size (cm) 153 156 159 162 164
Effective Edge (mm) 1150 1180 1200 1240 1260
Tip Width (mm) 286.8 294.8 300.8 304.8 307.8
Waist Width (mm) 244 250 256 260 263
Tail Width (mm) 286.8 294.8 300.8 304.8 307.8
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.9 8.1 8.3 8.5 8.7
Stance Setback (mm) 0 0 0 0 0
Stance Range (mm) 470-590 510-630 520-640 520-640 540-660
Width Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular
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