Rome Vice 2022 Snowboard Bindings

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The 2022 Rome Vice will have your back all over the mountain and will make sure you are locked in on your board from first chair till two more laps skip the last. Built to be a versatile mid-stiff binding you can fully adjust how this binding feels so you can cater to whatever you want to ride on any given day. The PivotMount ankle strap adjuster can change your strap's placement so you can have a surfy, effortless feel where there is powder, to being super locked in when you feel like tearing apart groomers, or somewhere in between if you want to do it all. We all have a personal vice when it comes to snowboarding with what we like to ride and with the Rome Vice you get exactly what you want, whenever you need it.

Binding Type: All Mountain

Flex: 6/10 (Mid)

Board Compatibility: This Rome binding comes with a disc that supports 2x4, 4x4, and Channel mounting patterns.


AsymWrap Chassis

Rome's AsymWrap Chassis was designed for maximum tweakability while still having a surfy, easy riding feel underfoot. This true freestyle shaped chassis is made of 70% nylon and 30% glass fiber, offering a great strength-to-weight ratio. It also features an adjustable baseplate that helps fit a wide range of boot sizes.


Vice Highback

Made of 70% nylon and 30% glass fibre that can be adjusted to mirror the angle of your heelside edge. The Vice highback offers great tweakability, while still giving all the support you require.


Ultralight Ankle Strap + Progrip Toe Strap with AuxTech

The Ultralight Ankle Strap is a supportive ankle strap that conforms perfectly to your boot while still is lightweight and cushy for no pressure points.

The Progrip Toe Strap was designed to be a grouping of smaller hinged portions that conform perfectly to the toe of your boot. This offers unmatched grip that will keep you locked in no matter how hard you ride.

Additional Features:


PivotMount Max

Small adjustable pieces on the ankle portion of the binding allow riders to change the position of their strap on the boot for a variety of different feeling responses. The higher up the strap on the boot, the more power and turn initiation your binding will provide, while the lower the strap, the surfier the feeling. These adjustable portions provides eight different options per side for a total of 64 configurations in total.

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