Rome Artifact Pro 2024 Snowboard

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The 2024 Rome Artifact Pro is the latest and greatest version of the favourite Artifact snowboard. You still get all the same greatness you would get from the original Artifact; stability, pressability, and durability, but with an upgrade to Carbon HotRods and a SinterStrong base, a great board has become even better. With the addition of this tech, you get an even more lively and faster version of the original. Ride-everything performance and a versatile, low-maintenance sintered base, the prince of countless park laps has finally become king with the all new 2023 Artifact Pro.




Stay Positive Camber

Stay Positive Camber (aka traditional camber) is the original camber profile, delivering a powerful and predictable feeling with unmatched pop and response



5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)



True Twin

True twin snowboards are 100% symmetrical with an identical nose and tail. The flex pattern and sidecut is uniform throughout, and will feel the same whether you are riding switch or regular, so you can jib, jump and spin with ease!



Pop Core

The Pop Core is the most versatile and durable core from Rome, constructed with alternating strips of 20mm poplar and paulownia woods.

Twin Single Carbon Hotrod

Carbon Hotrods are thin rods of carbon milled into the boards core, making the board responsive and powerfully snappy. This configuration inlays a rod in the centreline of the board in the nose and tail, maintaining a pressable yet poppy board personality.

Flax Impact Plates

These full woven flax constructed plates covers and reinforces the insert pack and are designed to make the boards more durable. Flax Impact Plates help absorb impact and add increased strength without changing the boards flex pattern



Biax Glass

90 degree fibres that give the board a more mellow and torsionally playful feel.



Sinterstrong Base

The Sinterstrong base is the fastest sintered base, built for maximum speed and performance.



2x4 inserts



Double Kick - This board features double kick, which is an aggressive, two-part rise in the nose and/or tail, designed to increase pressability and improve landings.


Length (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Running Length (mm) Waist Width (mm) Nose / Tail Length (mm) Sidecut Radius (m) Weight Range (kg)
153 1172.4 1112.4 254.9 203.8 7.72 54 - 84
156 1200.0 1150.0 256.5 205.8 7.9 61 - 91
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