Burton Hitchhiker 2023 Splitboard Binding
Burton Hitchhiker 2023 Splitboard Binding
Burton Hitchhiker 2023 Splitboard Binding
Burton Hitchhiker 2023 Splitboard Binding

Burton Hitchhiker 2023 Splitboard Binding

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The Burton 2023 Hitchhiker splitboard bindings are the like friend that will always be there when you need them the most. Out in the backcountry, you need gear that is extremely reliable and always pulls through without fail, which is what these bindings achieve no matter how many km's you're putting in. Teaming up with Spark R&C to collaborate on these bindings to bring together Spark's renowned baseplate and Burton's tech with the comfortable straps and high back features. Not compromising quality, these bindings are lightweight and keep it extremely easy to transition from walk, to ride.

Binding Type: Backcountry / Splitboard

Board Compatibility: Compatible with splitboards using Spark pucks, Spark canted pucks, or Voile pucks. Pucks sold separately.

Flex (1 - Soft / 10 - Stiff): 7/10

High Back: Burton-Designed Single Component Negative Lean High Back with Quick Adjust FLAD

The Highback on the Hitchhiker binding is responsive for the ride down, and comfortable for the hike up. Featuring a quick adjust FLAD with negative lean, you can make each step go further, and make each turn come quicker, without needing tools.

Buckles: Double Take Buckles

Burtons Double Take Ratchets feature one of the quickest and easiest ratchet designs on the market. Helical teeth and 'insta-click' engagement combine for increased torque per crank, and fewer cranks needed to get to your desired tightness.



The Hammockstrap features a low profile and reduced weight for a more comfortable fit, along with a stitchless construction for maximum response with minimal materials. The pre curved design fits smoothly around your boot and won't be giving you any pressure points.

Supergrip Capstrap 2.0

The Burton Gettagrip Capstrap is one of the best toe straps on the market, with a super grippy interior that holds onto your boot in freezing temperatures, and a design that hugs the contours of most boots.

Additional Features:

Whammy Bar Climbing Wire:

A single fatty climbing wire is built into the baseplate with a side arm lever for easy position changes. Easily switch between stowed, low (12°), and high (18°) and back again.

Snap Ramps and Side-Lock Tesla Touring Brackets:

T1 System bindings slide sideways into the offset touring bracket and are locked into place with our snap ramp, negating the need for pins and cables. Integrated Ibex crampon mounting claws on touring brackets make for quick and easy installation and removal.

Puck Compatibility:

Slide them on and snap the ramp down, or snap the ramp up and slide them off, regardless of whether you're putting them on or taking them off, it'll be super easy and quick. When used with Spark Tesla system bindings you'll be able to conveniently access puck screws with the bindings in place for precise stance adjustment. Pucks sold separately.

T1 Heel Rest:

The T1 Heel Rest catches the climbing wire in the 12° and 18° positions and is specifically designed to hold the T1 step locker in place.

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