Arbor Satori 2024 Snowboard

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The 2024 Arbor Satori Camber has been designed by Bryan Iguchi to a be a freestyle focused powder board, that is "fun and friendly, solid and stable". Wider than your normal board, and with a deep sidecut it is made to be ridden shorter for a playful but floaty ride, that will handle the steep and deep with the stiffer tail.

With the wider surface area, we suggest that you downsize 3-5cm from your normal board length.



Powder and Groomers



The Camber System

The Camber System from Arbor is a parabolic take on positive camber that progressively reduces the amount of camber towards the tip and tail. This ensures your contact points don't dig too hard into the snow, preventing edge catch, making it easier to turn and spin, and giving you a poppy ride with fully engaged performance.



5/10 (1 = soft, 10 = stiff)

A mid flex that is perfect for hard charging riders that need to get the most from their boards, but still like it to have a bit of play.




This board has a directional shape, with a shorter tail and taper for smooth and powerful turns, with extra float in deep snow.

Tapered Tail

The shape of this board tapers slightly towards the tail helping it sink in powder, making the nose float better and keeping you on your feet.

Grip Tech

Grip Tech is a combination of three separate sidecut radii in the nose, tail, and centre of the board, effectively giving the board an additional two contact points. This provides extra grip and control in all conditions, and also makes turning smoother, easier, and less catchy, without losing performance.

Uprise Fenders

Due to the addition of Grip Tech, it's possible to slightly lift the outside contact points, reducing catch and improving tracking and turn initiation.



FSC Certified Double Barrel Core

The most versatile core from Arbor, the Double Barrel Core is made from Poplar reinforced with two Bamboo struts running down the centre of the board for lightweight longitudinal pop and easier turns.

Mixed Glassing

A Triax and Biax layup that provides superior versatility over standard Triax or Biax layups.



Sintered Base

A high molecular weight base that provides extra durability and speed.



 2x4 14-pack inserts



Bamboo Powerply Topsheet - This creates the style Arbor is known for, but isn't just for looks. Power Ply is a sustainably sourced layer of wood or bamboo that acts like an added layer of fibreglass due to a labor intensive process that results in increased performance, finish quality, board life, and less reliance on man made materials.

360° Fully Wrapped Sidewalls - These 360° sidewalls eliminate the need for tip fill, enhancing durability and improving board life.

Recycled Steel Edges - These highly durable recycled steel edges promote sustainability without sacrificing quality.

Bio-Resin - This board is made with Bio-Resin, which is a replacement for traditional petroleum-based resin that doesn't affect performance. The ingredients that go into  Bio-Resin are co-products or waste products of other industrial processes and reduces the carbon footprint of the material by up to 40% (when compared to a petroleum-based equivalent).

Wend Natural Wax - This board is waxed with Wend Natural Wax and is ready to ride straight out of the shop.

Factory Tuned - This snowboard is factory de-tuned at the tip and tail, so you can go riding straight away.



Length (cm) Waist Width (mm) Nose / Tail Width (mm) Nose / Tail Length (cm) Sidecut (m) Ref Stance Setback (cm) Weight Range (kg)
154cm 265 30.9 / 30.3 30.0 / 20.9 7.20 / 6.30 / 7.20 0 55 - 92
157cm  267 31.2 / 30.6 30.2 / 28.2 7.35 / 6.45 / 7.35 0 58 - 94+
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