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The Ronix Modello Skimmer gives you a clean design to dip your toes into the skim world with, but at a fraction of the cost of the high-end models. The Modello surf range is the Ronix entry style construction, built to have classic surf capabilities with their super durable wakeboard construction. No matter how many times you attempt a trick, you will be safe from damage. From a shape perspective, the Modello Skimmer gives you that loose and freestyle, allowing you to throw the surfer around and get right into those 360's and air tricks with ease. It's safe to say bang for buck and ease for almost anyone to ride; the new Modello range makes surfing more accessible than ever.

 Materials & Construction

  • MOD Pour Foam – When you want strength to weight ratio, you use MOD Pour Foam; Ronix’s special sauce of an alternative core is ultra-stiff, lightweight, and ultra Ronix.
  • Compression Molded - Making sure you have no blemishes and your board is the same every time you get one out of the box.


  • Skimmer Profile - A signature of skim style surfers, the pintail design makes it easy to release, spin, and, most importantly, ride switch


  • Clean Base - Allows the surfer to rely on its rails and give that true surf-inspired feel.


  • Sharp Rail - A more responsive wakeboard-like rail, so when you lean into your edges, your surfer will respond fast and easily.

Other Features

  • Machined EVA Concaved Pad


  • Polycarbonate Fins
    • 1x Symmetrical 2.3" Fins
    • 2x Symmetrical 1.5" Fins


  • Style: Skim


(4'5") - Up to 80Kgs

(4'10") - Up to 91Kgs


  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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