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The 2023 Nitro Womens Optisym is the newest freestyle-friendly womens board that was created from the worldwide demand for a womens version of the Optisym. Nitro has made the womens version of this board with the exact same technologies as the mens, just creating it in different lengths and waist widths. As an asymmetrical snowboard the heel side of the board has a tighter turning radius allowing more powerful heelside turns, while smooth butters, presses and popping off everything in sight is attributed to the Cam-Out Camber and mid flexing core. A most welcomed addition to the womens Nitro range, we are sure the Womens Optisym will not only turn heads but help progress up and coming freestyle masters.

Board Type: Park

Camber Type: Cam-Out Camber

Cam-out camber is basically positive camber with earlier and smoother transition zones in the tip and tail. This gives the board a lower rise in the centre, resulting in a fun and responsive ride with easier turn initiation and more forgiveness, giving you the benefits of camber without the aggression.

Flex: 5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Park Flex - This board features Nitro's Park Flex, a fine tuned flex pattern designed specifically for park progression.

Urban Flex - This board features Nitro's Urban Flex, which is designed to be ultra-flexible for maximum tweaks, presses, and butters.

Shape: Asym Twin

Exactly the same whether you're riding switch or regular, this allows you to push your switch riding and land comfortably regardless of which way you're facing. While the asymmetrical shape gives you a tighter radius on your heel side, making it easier to turn on your heels.

Core: PowerCore II

A performance driven core with tip to tail Poplar wood and additional Beech Wood stringers. The result: Unmatched strength, smooth response, and a tonne of snap.

Bi-Lite Laminates - Bi-Lite Laminates have fibres running in two directions, providing strength, power, and a forgiving board feel.

Whiplash Core Profile - This profile reduces thickness between the inserts with thicker sections outside your feet for huge ollie power while maintaining a comfortable press flex.

Base: Premium Extruded FH Base

A super durable base that is easy to maintain.

Mounting Pattern: 2x4 Inserts

Additional Features:

Dual Degressive Sidecut - A smaller radius sidecut in the centre along with two larger ones in the tip and tail make it feel loose, playful, and the most forgiving sidecut in the Nitro range.

Railkiller edges - Edges designed specifically to handle the impact and stress of freestyle riding, they offer more than 200% impact resistance over a standard edge.

100% Natural Speed Wax - All Nitro boards are factory-tuned with Kandahars 100% Natural Speed Wax, a fully bio-degradable wax made of renewable resources.

Ureshred Sidewalls - New on all Nitro park boards, the sidewalls are made from Polyurethane, making them highly resistant against impact and abrasion as well as giving them excellent dampening characteristics.

Powerwall - Taking the Ureshred Polyurethane sidewall material and integrating it into the core strengths the core on the heel side. This provides extra durability and dampening while improving agility on and off your heel side edge.

Length (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Waist (mm) Nose / Tail Width (mm) Sidecut (m) Max Stance (cm) Weight Range (kg)
138 940 230 272 9.0 / 5.6 / 9.0 54 <45
142 960 234 276 9.0 / 5.6 / 9.0 54 <45
146 990 238 280 9.0 / 5.3 / 9.0 56 45 -65
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