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The 2023 Nitro Team Pro is the levelled up version of the time-tested classic Team snowboard. Giving a stealthy pro version of the best selling Team board, it is equiped to provide more pop, better control and higher speeds, allowing riders to take their skills even further all over the mountain. Boasting new carbon reinforcement and a faster sintered base, the Team Pro is truely the current evolution of your true do-it-all snowboard.

Board Type: All Mountain Freestyle

Camber Type: True Camber

Nitro True Camber

The original camber type, unmatched for strong snap and powerful response. Each True Camber board in the Nitro range has its own special tweak to suit its intended terrain type, keeping the camber shape with a more specialised ride.

Flex: 8/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

All Terrain Flex - This is Nitro's most versatile flex pattern, combining great pop and smooth response.

Directional Flex - This board has a directional flex pattern that allows more movement in the nose with a stiffer tail for extra pop and power under your back foot.

Shape: Directional Twin

A true twin with a setback stance, this board will ride the same regular or switch but has a stance reference point closer to the tail for better forward facing performance.

Core: PowerLite Core

The PowerLite Core is made with the highest grade of ultra-lightweight poplar wood, giving you the perfect ride with lots of pop and unmatched strength at minimum weight.

Bi-Lite Laminates - Bi-Lite Laminates have fibres running in two directions, providing strength, power, and a forgiving board feel.

Reflex Core Profile - The Reflex Core Profile thins out the core between your feet, making your board thickest under the inserts. This improves handling, increases torsional flex, and allows you to steer through turns with ease.

Base: Sintered Speed Formula II Base

This upgraded base material provides record-breaking speeds that allow you to go further that your peers with ease.

Mounting Pattern: 2x4 Inserts

Additional Features:

Dual Degressive Sidecut - A smaller radius sidecut in the centre along with two larger ones in the tip and tail make it feel loose, playful, and the most forgiving sidecut in the Nitro range.

100% Natural Speed Wax - All Nitro boards are factory-tuned with Kandahars 100% Natural Speed Wax, a fully bio-degradable wax made of renewable resources.

Diamond Band - Carbon reinforcement fibres that are ultra-strong yet lightweight. These tip-to-tail stringers transfer riders input to help you drive your board and stay in maximum control.

Length (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Waist (mm) Nose / Tail Width (mm) Sidecut (m) Max Stance (cm) Weight Range (kg)
146 1090 242 285 9.6 / 6.4 / 9.6 54 <60
149 1120 244 287 10.1 / 6.7 / 10.1 58 <65
152 1140 246 289 10.7 / 6.8 / 10.7 60 50-70
155 1160 248 291 11.0 / 7.2 / 11.0 60 55-75
157 1170 250 293 11.3 / 7.3 / 11.3 60 60-80
159 1180 252 295 11.7 / 7.3 / 11.3 62 65-85
162 1210 254 295 12.8 / 8.1 / 12.8 62 70+
157 Wide 1170 264 307 11.3 / 7.3 / 11.7 60 60-80
159 Wide 1180 266 309 11.7 / 7.3 / 11.7 62 65-85
162 Wide 1210 270 311 12.8 / 8.1 / 12.8 62 70+
165 Wide 1240 272 313 12.4 / 8.8 / 12.4 64 75+


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