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From the X-Games Big Air events, dropping into “no fall zones” in AK, to exploring beyond where the splitboard track ends, the upgraded Nitro Capital Snowboard boot will provide the fit, response, and support you will need to conquer your greatest fears.

The Capital was introduced to be Nitro´s flagship performance boot with a fit and response so precise that you can send it into a Gold Medal at X-games or navigate safely down a first descent in Alaska. The Capital´s customizable Internal Ankle Support, Power Tongue Stiffener, Hike `N` Ride Construction, and Adjustable Forward Lean features allow you to easily fine-tune the performance of the Capital to match the response you need for what lies ahead of you. The Hike `N` Ride Construction, Armored Spine, and new 45° Laceglider allow you to take the Capital deep into the backcountry on your splitboard with ease and confidence, while also allowing for fine-tuned performance all around the mountain. The Air Dampening technology combined with Nitro´s Therminator Shield, and Cloud 10 Liner will keep your feet comfortable and warm no matter the conditions. Grip and tread durability have been equally advanced with the Vibram® Outsole made of Icetrek™ and Arctic Grip Vibram ® Compounds with D3O® Shock Absorption to allow you to summit the iciest of faces to get to the powder that is out of reach for most with ease. The progression of advanced boot technology is key to allowing riders to continue progressing their riding, and with the Nitro Capital snowboard boot you are destined to reach new peaks and goals on and off the board.

Boot Type: Advanced All Mountain

Boot Flex (1 = Soft / 10 = Stiff): 8-10/10

Lacing System: TLS 5 Twin Lacing System

The Nitro TLS 5 Twin Lacing System is one of the best speed lace systems on the market, with easy lace engagement and release, along with low abrasion Dyneema laces for long-lasting, reliable performance. TLS 5 features two independent upper and lower lacing zones, so you can lock in your ideal fit in a flash, adjust your lacing without needing to step out of your bindings, and bail out of your boots in record time at the end of the day.

Liner: D3O Enhanced Cloud 10 Liner

The Nitro Cloud 10 Liner is the top-tier liner from Nitro, providing more cushion and support than any other. Featuring D3O technology, this liner increases comfort and hardens up under impact, dispersing energy and instantly returning to its comfortable flexible state. This reduces fatigue, increases power, and allows you to ride harder for longer. All Nitro liners are heat mouldable, and while it isn't necessary, a heat mold can give you a more custom fit from day 1 as opposed to wearing the boot in. The Cloud 10 Liner comes with a triple-density Ortholite Footbed, which offers superior shock absorption and energy return with minimal compression, so your footbed will perform consistently for the entire life of your boot. It is also quick-drying, extremely lightweight, and has an anti-microbial coating, making your boots smell better, feel better, and last longer.

ILS Liner Lacing

The Nitro ILS Liner Lacing system features a lacing harness directly connected to the boot shell that snugly wraps around the liner, firmly securing it in the shell for strong hold and a precise fit.

Re/Lace Liner Locker

The Re/Lace Liner Locker revolutionizes how a liner lace functions. During a day of snowboarding, your boots are going to loosen. Your foot settles, your boot expands, it happens. With the Re/Lace Liner Locker, once the laces are locked in at the start of the day all you need to do is pull the liner lace tab to retighten your liner, without ever needing to undo your boots.

Therminator Shield

The Therminator Shield is a thin thermal layer between sole and liner that reflects heat back into your boot, keeping your feet warm all day.

Cushioning / Traction: Vibram Outsole made of Icetrek Vibram and Arctic Grip Vibram Compound with D3O Shock Absorption

Designed specifically for enhanced traction in colder temperatures, Icetrek Vibram Compound has a special softness that allows it to grip snow and ice better, while still being gentle on indoor surfaces and resistant to dirt and moisture. This technology in conjunction with an extra grippy sole design makes this one of the best snowboard boots for hiking. This outsole is combined with an EVA midsole, which reduces weight, increases impact absorption, and aids in heat retention.

Air Dampening

The best shock absorbing technology on the planet, this air suspension system from Nitro keeps your heels from getting bruised on hard landings and noticeably increases comfort without compromising response or control.


Flex Link

This boot features a flexible panel at the ankle for consistent flex without buckling and more response without adding bulk.

New Internal Ankle Support

This brand new internal ankle support system puts an anatomically molded plate over the top of your ankle, evenly distributing lace pressure and giving you a more precise fit.

 Hike 'N' Ride Construction with Adjustable Forward Lean

A specifically designed shell construction that is made for making a more beneficial transition between hike and ride mode for splitboarding. The hike mode offers a softer flex and the ride is more responsive and rigid.

Power Tongue Stiffener
This removable piece adjusts the stiffness of your tongue, and in turn, the response of your boot. Add it in for more aggressive turns and quicker response, or take it out for a little more freedom and a more relaxed ride.
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